Banana Masturbation Technique : DIY artificial vagina

I discovered one of an awesome ways for masturbation with DIY artificial vagina. So, this masturbation technique that I would show you is something that looks like you are fucking a semi-real vagina. It's a type of masturbation that every men is looking for.
To make that artificial vagina, it's really easy. You just use the banana peel!!
I think you might know instantly how to use the banana peel when I said that you can masturbate with it.
First, you have to buy the big size banana. It should bigger than your erected penis.
Second, you have to eat that banana without tearing the banana peel too much. (you must tear it just once or twice)
The last, you will have a good shape of banana peel. Hold that banana peel in your hand. Just fuck it!!
If your penis is bigger than the biggest banana. 2 banana peels is a better choice for covering your penis. Hold it tight.
However, the feeling of fucking banana peel is different from a real vagina. Don't expect this way too much.
But, the feeling from fucking banana peel is something that you won't feel with another thing. It's worth to try.

Weak point
1. Banana may be expensive.
2. There's a noisy sound from this technique. You should do it in a soundproofed room.

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